Getting Started with OutSystems for SQL Developers

This course introduces OutSystems to SQL Developers. It provides an introduction to the OutSystems Platform and a mapping to the most common operations related to data handling when Developing OutSystems applications.

What will you learn?

The basics about the OutSystems platform and explore how to use SQL tools and capabilities in an OutSystems application. You will learn how the platform works with its own database, how to create your application data model, and how to fetch data in OutSystems. Also, you will learn how to leverage an existing “external” database to use in an OutSystems application.

What do you need?

Your laptop with Windows 7 or higher. It may be helpful to have a Personal Environment so you can test out the capabilities of Service Studio as we go through the course.

About the Trainer

ITUp, OutSystems Global Training Partner, specializes in OutSystems training, delivering academies with a focus on reskilling and upskilling. Having certified over two thousand OutSystems Professionals worldwide since 2016, ITUp offers training to professionals with any level of expertise, both at in-person boot camps or online programs.

Course Ratings & Reviews

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great great  great
5 Jun
It is super useful and able to get the difference in "NULL" behavior, Indexes on other columns, foreign key delete rule "Ignore".
10 Apr
easy to follow,let's see how to implement, creating screens from templates does not look easy to do, maybe more time on that subject would be nice
27 Feb
Very good introduction to the platform, bringing the basic concepts and explaining how they work together.
Course is very well strutured.
though in advanced topics slides show some links and no materials are provided.
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