Multi-Language in OutSystems

This course demonstrates OutSystems features that let you translate your application into any language and make it available in multiple locales without having to rewrite logic.

What will you learn:

What is required to start using the multi-language feature in Service Studio to translate Reactive Web and Mobile apps, how to add new locales, export and import translations, and how to create a language switcher.

What do you need?

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I would be nice to know how to allow application user add and manage translations at runtime.
30 Mar (3 weeks ago)
Highly recommended.
2 Mar
I think we need to know how to change content direction as well.. because some languages direction is rtl .. many thanks for the efforts :)
18 Feb
I would not use Flags for the language selector example, simply because using flags for language selection is Bad UX practice.
Flags represent nations and not languages.
6 Feb
Nice course. 
Resource materials with oap shown on demo are pretty useful. It would also be nice to have some insight on how to translate outsystems UI widgets (date pickers, etc. table widgets etc...)
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