Delivering at the Speed of OutSystems

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Detailed explanation
15 May (2 days ago)
Good agile content applied to the Outsystems way.
7 May (10 days ago)
very useful.
I now understand why is it needed a solid User Story.
what I am trying to do always, also to let the team align with me.
therefore, on Agile, it is essential that the full team, include BA, PM, TL and Dev, all run through this course, at least once, just 20 cents thought from me.
it is just like I am also trying to go through some of the Technical learning path, to understand what at the back of their mind, the TL and dev are thinking, what is easier for them, what way is simpler yet efficient, what is the latest dashboard format, button format that is available.... latest plug in etc. etc.
25 Apr (3 weeks ago)
The robotic voice is a bit unhelpful.
22 Apr (4 weeks ago)
Video player without full screen feature!
21 Apr (4 weeks ago)
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