Building Apps with Case Management Framework

This course introduces you to the Case Management framework. With this framework you'll build a case apps that have common requirements such as SLA and state machines.

What will you learn?

You'll learn how to create a Case Management app, that leverages the Case Management framework capabilities.

What do you need?

You will need access to an OutSystems 11 server (or Personal Environment) with Case Management framework installed, and have the OutSystems Development environment tools installed (Windows or macOS).

System requirements can be reviewed here.

Before you start...

We recommend that you complete the Building your First Business Process course where you learn all about Business Process Technology (BPT) in OutSystems.

Course Ratings & Reviews

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A bit too complex and, as others said, too much "already made" work and too fast videos, with no pdf.
30 May (7 days ago)
Trying to get rid of developers with a no-code framework.
Thank god it failed
27 May (10 days ago)
It's a good starting point, but lacks more interesting scenarios to make it more appealing to use the framework.
17 May (3 weeks ago)
Useful and good practical examples
16 May (3 weeks ago)
The course is quite dense and requires attention. Hard to follow and a little bit complex to understand and would have been better if everything was created from scratch and if there was pdf of the labs provided.
3 May
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