Designing Apps Using an Architecture Framework

How do you design enterprise applications that are aligned with business strategy, have sound architecture, and are built to last? This course introduces you to a process and an architecture framework - the Architecture Canvas - that enables developers and teams to design, validate and evolve their solution's architecture. A realistic example is reviewed to demonstrate the importance of each step in the design process.

What you will learn:

  • The importance of good architecture design
  • How to integrate OutSystems into an enterprise ecosystem effectively
  • The Architecture Canvas concepts - the OutSystems architecture framework
  • The 3 step architecture design process
  • How to design a new solution using the Architecture Canvas
  • The typical elements found in each layer of the architecture
  • The type of modules that often get created and suggestions for naming them

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This course blowing up my mind!
Really helpful examples
1 Jun (4 days ago)
very clear!
31 May (5 days ago)
Excellent course!!
31 May (5 days ago)
The not real voice is distracting me, and as a beginner, I don't know where is the tool.
29 May (7 days ago)
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