JavaScript in OutSystems

Learn how to leverage JavaScript in to your apps.

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we need more details
2 Jun (4 days ago)
You should update your manuals... It´s super difficult for a a beginner to follow "step-by-step" instructions, when in fact, either there are steps missing, or there are steps not updated, or there are steps that don´t even make sense with little to none explanation. E.g. "create a new Screen Action", when there´s only "new Screen" or "new Client Action"... (It´s new client action fyi)
31 May (6 days ago)
informative but was bit difficult to understand
30 May (7 days ago)
Excellent course for understanding how to use javascript with OutSystems.
29 May (8 days ago)
Couldn't understand how to make it work
15 May (3 weeks ago)
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