Learn all about Widgets, the UI building blocks.

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expect little more elaboration of different category of pattern
11 Aug (2 days ago)
A bit unfortunate that the final exercise seems to promote 2 round trips to the server to store both a message and an image.
7 Aug (6 days ago)
The Widgets and Patterns Exercise as an error. On the topic 'Sending images on chat (business logic)' on the seventh point, the IF shown on the image should be "BinaryFile <> NullBinary()" or you should say to the user swap the branches.
20 Jul (3 weeks ago)
I like to practice and I could reproduce the exercices about Widget. Therefore, I would be happier if the training could contain more practice for all the training and less theory.
9 May
mt bom dmsssssssss
2 May
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