Order Management Application
Service Studio version:

In this course, you will be able to quickly build an order management application using some specific business rules and logic flow. You will also have the opportunity to extend your knowledge of OutSystems UI, using some advanced UI elements, and customize the application with CSS.

Which tools do you need before starting this guided path?

You will need access to an OutSystems 11 server (or Personal Environment) and have the OutSystems Development environment tools installed:

Which dependencies must you have before starting this guided path?

  • You must have the OutSystems UI installed and up to date. Check here

  • You must have the OutSystems Accelerators installed and up to date. Check here

Want to know more?

System requirements can be reviewed here.

Course Ratings & Reviews

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Good assessment to learn basics and to apply theme to application.
18 Mar (4 days ago)
uma imersão de aprendizado incrivel
9 Mar (13 days ago)
Although there is less video material and more reading involved, I actually enjoy this training more than the base reactive web developer training.
Here I feel like I'm actually building an app and learning interesting tricks, using outsystems
3 Mar (3 weeks ago)
Its amazing!
25 Feb (4 weeks ago)
Just some errors when it tells to create an "NoSearch" if, and later calls it a "HasSearch" If
23 Feb (4 weeks ago)
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