Master Class on CSS in OutSystems

For most people CSS is like a mystical art that nobody truly understands. Sometimes it works and sometimes, for inexplicable reasons, it doesn’t. This course not only introduces you to the magic that is CSS in OutSystems but also covers more advanced topics for the adventurous. It’s CSS in a nutshell.

What you will learn:

You’ll learn the basics of CSS, how it works and how to use it better and then how you can apply it in OutSystems Platform

What do you need:

OutSystems development environment.

Course Ratings & Reviews

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Part 1 video content was repeated on Part 2, download materials were not complete ,,were missing new exercises or not same as shown in the video.
Video is very slow , felt boring.
31 Mar
Lot of great information in this class.  I feel like I keep missing pieces though, where to get the exercises, why are some video content repeated (Part 1 and 2 at beginning).  Also just as I feel like we are going to learn to do something the video ends and the next video jumps to something further along.   Great info, but I was confused much of this class.
10 Feb
Es muy claro.
14 Jan
Very good!!!
Excellent material, but exercise 3 does not appear in the material download.
The exercises should be made more explicit and updated by the new version.
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