Webinar: How to Set Up a Load Test in 5 Minutes

This is a quick hands-on course that will teach you how to create a load test in just 5 minutes.

After a few initial considerations on load testing - why they're important, best practices and pitfalls to avoid — you will understand how to streamline the execution of load tests during project development cycles.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to use JMeter, an extremely powerful and extensible free and open-source tool.

  • Understand how to create and address a few simple test scenarios.

  • Analyze the results and understand the resulting metrics.

  • Get an Expert load testing live demo that you can follow step by step.

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Bad audio quality
13 Sep
there was not proper explanation how to do things. Just what need to be done and best practices
30 Aug
Content is good but the audio is very low and not clear.
30 Jul
very userful .. however images were noot very clear ... really wanted to note outsystem specific cookies and request paramaters
27 May
lower visual and sound quality
12 May
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