Master Class on Best Practices and Timers

In this master class, you will learn the essential guidelines for developing apps with OutSystems. The course is focused on naming and coding conventions, logic and development, reusability and maintainability, Javascript, CSS and HTML, database, security and teamwork.

It also addresses common pitfalls, including circular references, assigning list expressions to query, binary loaded on preparation and assigning empty record lists to clean. You will learn from a case study on long-running asynchronous processes (“heavy” timers).

What will you learn:

Best practices and common pitfalls of developing OutSystems applications. Through multiple demonstrations, you’ll learn where to find each setting and to address conventions, reusability, database, security, teamwork, common pitfalls and a study case on long-running timers.

Course Ratings & Reviews

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Summarized the best practices very well!
21 Mar (3 weeks ago)
This is an essential to learn before learn Outsystem programming language. Thank's
23 Feb
Amazing! I learned a lot with this master class. And I had fun too.
17 Feb
Too massive info
2 Feb
This course sums up all the things you should always keep in mind when developing, in such a good way.
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