Multi-tenancy is the ability for the same application to serve multiple “customer companies” (tenants) by behaving as if connected to a different database when users from different organizations log in. In this course you will learn:

  • How to implement a multi-tenancy app
  • How to manage tenants and end-users
  • How to test an app with tenant data
  • You will also be introduced to advanced scenarios.

The master class will include four exercises to help you solidify your knowledge.

Note: The class duration does not include the exercise time.

What will you learn:

How to create multi-tenant applications with OutSystems, how to manage tenants and end-users, and how to test multi-tenant applications.

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well , now it's a bit old even the examples are not valid anymore with the new versions of OutSystems.
Perhaps one of the worst courses seen on OutSystems.
The explanation of the User/eSpace/Tenant part was very confusing and not very understandable.
Finally, it's not clear how to correctly implement a multitenant app and how to properly approach the UserProvider.
Too bad, multitenancy is a very delicate part for enterprise app development.
21 Jun
its outdate, but still a fine documentation
21 May
Very useful but not detailed on how to apply this. But still a great course.
28 Apr
The course helps to understand:
-Multi-Tenancy in a bigger picture.
-How to set up multi tenancy
-Giving some notes about it. i.e limitations.

-Not really forces you to do it yourself

This topic really needs to have more comprehensive and realistic training.
24 Apr
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