Master Class on Multi-Tenancy

Multi-tenancy is the ability for the same application to serve multiple “customer companies” (tenants) by behaving as if connected to a different database when users from different organizations log in. In this course you will learn:

  • How to implement a multi-tenancy app
  • How to manage tenants and end-users
  • How to test an app with tenant data
  • You will also be introduced to advanced scenarios.

The master class will include four exercises to help you solidify your knowledge.

Note: The class duration does not include the exercise time.

What will you learn:

How to create multi-tenant applications with OutSystems, how to manage tenants and end-users, and how to test multi-tenant applications.

Course Ratings & Reviews

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Perhaps one of the worst courses seen on OutSystems.
The explanation of the User/eSpace/Tenant part was very confusing and not very understandable.
Finally, it's not clear how to correctly implement a multitenant app and how to properly approach the UserProvider.
Too bad, multitenancy is a very delicate part for enterprise app development.
21 Jun
its outdate, but still a fine documentation
21 May
Very useful but not detailed on how to apply this. But still a great course.
28 Apr
The course helps to understand:
-Multi-Tenancy in a bigger picture.
-How to set up multi tenancy
-Giving some notes about it. i.e limitations.

-Not really forces you to do it yourself

This topic really needs to have more comprehensive and realistic training.
24 Apr
Very good on explaining how to use multi tenancy in practice, hard to understand the documentation and concept without this class
22 Apr
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