With this master class, you will have enough security awareness to develop secure applications in most circumstances. The course  covers security in OutSystems, starting with introductory concepts to help you understand its importance in app development. You will hear about a use case and a hypothetical attacker. The class also covers the built-in security features of OutSystems, including:

  • Integrated authentication
  • Selective deployment
  • Code injection prevention
  • Data encryption
  • Internal network
  • Roles

What will you learn:

Basic security principles in OutSystems. Through multiple demonstrations you’ll learn about the relevant settings, the caveats, and the attacks that can exploit your applications without these defenses.

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Too boring narration, lack of necessary information but full of un-necessary explanation.
29 Sep
Lots of no-longer-relevant data (previous version of OS?) but the general security information is still relevant and solid.
12 May
Excellent content !!
5 May
Good overview and enough details, along with some nice hints
7 Apr
This is a real form to learn and enjoy it about as an important issue like web security.
23 Feb
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