Architecture Patterns in OutSystems

In this course, we analyze and discuss key architectural patterns from the core and library layers. We review the patterns and best practices that can be used to build more robust architectures.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe and use the Extension patterns
  • Describe and use the Connector pattern
  • Choose the appropriate granularity for APIs
  • Describe and use the Core Entity pattern
  • Explain the External Core Service (ECS) pattern and its variations
  • Describe the Transparency Service pattern

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Explained quite simply.
The difference between the 4 layers-canvas and the 3 layers-canvas should be explained.
8 Sep (4 weeks ago)
Lacked practical exercises and video was too long.  Content was good though nut will have to watch it a few times.
8 Sep (4 weeks ago)
it was told very simple
2 Sep
Not in depth.
28 Aug
this is Very important topics related to Architecture Designning.
25 Aug
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