Validating and Refactoring Applications

In this course we will examine rules for validating architectures and review approaches to refactoring to help development teams ensure that their existing applications and architectures are sound.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Validate an application’s architecture using the 3 validation rules.
  • Use the Discovery tool to view and analyze an application's architecture.
  • Refactor application architectures to improve flexibility and maintenance.
  • Prioritize the changes that should be made during refactoring.
  • Extract elements from a module without impacting consumers.

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Content is good, but not a single quiz? How can I know I am ready for the certification exam?
19 Oct (5 days ago)
Good course the only confusing part is that if you're following the "Architecting Sustainable Applications" Guided Path it teaches you the three layer architecture and here it speaks about the four layer architecture. It is a bit confusing what is the best practice currently.
18 Oct (6 days ago)
Could have subtitles in Portuguese.
4 Oct (3 weeks ago)
Why there are no practical sessions or exercises in this course / path?
25 Sep (4 weeks ago)
A Quiz would be great
28 Aug
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