Composing LifeTime Applications

How do you compose LifeTime applications in a way that promotes the reuse of key components but is still easy to maintain? By following 4 simple rules. This course explains how to ensure LifeTime applications have independent life cycles which allows them to be easily reused and deployed.  It also increases the flexibility of the architecture.

In this course, we cover how to package modules into LifeTime applications and then validate that they are sound and easy to maintain.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Compose LifeTime applications effectively.
  • Apply the 4 rules for composing applications.
  • Use the Discovery tool to view and analyze application composition.
  • Validate and fix application composition to improve the architecture.

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thank you....
9 Feb
Needs quizzes
8 Feb
Content is good, but this guy and his "Go ahead and... verb" habit is annoying and detracts from an otherwise good lesson.
4 Feb
Very good.
26 Jan
This course needs to be updated for the 3 Layer Canvas.
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