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Style Guide Architectures

A Style Guide ensures a consistent look-and-feel across your applications, managing complexity, ensuring ease of use, and facilitating change. How does a Style Guide fit into an application’s architecture? This course explains the available options.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Download and use template applications from the Forge
  • Understand and describe the modules and architecture of  the base style guides.
  • Explain the differences between the theme and template modules.
  • Customize existing Style Guides effectively depending on the scenario.
  • Build a Style Guide "from scratch"
  • Understand how to package and share Style Guide components.
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Alexandre Santos
Head of OutSystems Development
content is very outdated already :(

Yogesh Javir
Senior Developer
Good enough

Wim De Maeyer
Managing Director and Solution Manager
Would have liked some concrete examples to avoid confusion between themes, templates, style guides

Tomás Silva
It is a usefull course, but the content is already a little bit outdated

Pedro Alves
Simple and concise explanation.

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