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Mobile Application Architecture

In this course, we will explore the specifics of Mobile app architecture. We will look at the user interface, local storage, synchronization, plugins, and security. We will also discuss how the architecture of Mobile Apps is different than Web Applications and how to deal with the extra challenges Mobile Apps create.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and use local storage effectively
  • Know basic synchronization patterns and when to use them
  • Create and organize mobile UI components correctly
  • Integrate and use mobile plugins appropriately
  • Understand the basics of mobile security
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Desarrollador de Aplicaciones WEB en Low Code
Very good!!!
13 Jan (6 days ago)

Ivan Leitão
The Content is perfect, but the volume of the recording is a bit low.
9 Jan (10 days ago)

Marcus Louzada
OutSystems Developer
It´ 's  very good!
8 Jan (11 days ago)

AKinori Watanabe
The volume is soft.
5 Jan (14 days ago)

Decio Silva
The course could have the option in Portuguese.

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