Theme and Template Development

App development can be accelerated with fully customizable and ready-to-use UI, and app templates that adapt to both phone and tablet.

Learn how to create your own templates and themes, providing a custom user interface to your mobile applications. To help you define the user interface of your mobile apps, the following topics are covered in this course:

  • Adjust a Silk UI theme using the Mobile Theme Customizer
  • Adapt and change Silk UI themes
  • Create custom themes
  • Create custom layouts

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Content is good
14 Apr (5 days ago)
Muito interessante
12 Apr (7 days ago)
I would like exercises to practice from the creation of the theme to consumption in the modules, through the creation of the css.
For example, I need to create a responsive web application. which pattener pattern should i use?
19 Mar
As always, really great.
11 Mar
Excellent overview of how to manage theme changes on smart devices.
13 Jan
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