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[ODC 2018] Hardcore CSS Made Easy With OutSystems
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Tech Talks
[Tech Talk 2020] UX/UI Design for OutSystems
Learn practical and actionable recommendations to guide you through the User Experience and User Interface methodologies of designing a web or mobile application, using the OutSystems UI framework
[ODC 2018] Creating Style Guides in the Blink of an Eye With OutSystems
With a low-code UI framework, you can quickly turn your ideas into real apps. Learn to customize the UI elements offered by OutSystems and create a branded style guide for your company.
[ODC 2018] Hardcore CSS Made Easy With OutSystems
Learn about CSS best practices and new CSS features. You’ll see how you can use them and OutSystems to deliver architecture that is easy to read, maintain, and change, with great runtime performance.
[ODC 2018] Extending OutSystems With JavaScript
Did you know OutSystems enables you to use JavaScript to customize how users interact with your applications? See how we’ve developed and extended patterns over the years and learn the best practices you can follow.
[ODC 2018] Make the Most Out of Your Screen With Responsive Patterns
How should a web screen behave on a tablet? Or a mobile screen on a desktop? How can I fit 10 charts on a mobile phone? See our answers to these questions and the top responsive patterns and layout best practices.
[ODC 2018] Creating a Reusable UI Component
Creating a generic component that is suitable for reuse in multiple apps or use cases can be a headache. We’ll show you the pain-free steps to a perfect reusable component.
[ODC 2018] Accessibility With OutSystems
Between development best practices, styles, markup for screen readers, and keyboard navigation, a lot goes into creating accessible websites that meet industry standards. Learn what you can do to make your web apps accessible to everyone.
[ODC 2018] Top Tips and Tricks for Front-end Development With OutSystems
Are you interested in learning some shortcuts that can speed up your development? We’ve collected the best 10 tips from OutSystems developers around the globe and, in this session, we share them with everyone.
[ODC 2018] Dealing With the Notch the Right Way
Last year, iPhone X and its controversial "notch" debuted. Now more devices are following suit, requiring UIs that cover this screen format. Learn how to develop apps that look great on any device, with or without the notch!