Guided Paths
It takes 23 years to become a Jedi, but it takes a lot less to master OutSystems - and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, or even a hand. Our guided paths take you from start to finish. And, you can take a breather between courses.
Don’t know where to start? Check our courses.
Becoming a Reactive Web Developer

Learn how to build incredible, reactive web experiences. See how to get your data and show it in the screens, providing the user with the best experience while interacting with the application.

20 Courses
11 Hours

Becoming a Mobile Developer

Learn how to build incredible mobile apps that run on all platforms and offline. You’ll learn it all, from front to back-end development and getting them published in the app stores.

26 Courses
14 Hours

Becoming a Tech Lead

Learn how to design, size and build a functional and technical OutSystems solution based on business needs and drivers.  This also includes leading the delivery team, ensuring team work, and controlling progress of the project.

15 Courses
13 Hours

Becoming a Traditional Web Developer

Learn how to build incredible, responsive web experiences. See how to connect them to systems, create an amazing user experience and scale to meet enterprise requirements.

9 Courses
40 Hours

Architecting Sustainable Applications

The best kind of application refactoring is the one you don't need to do. In this path you will learn how to design enterprise and growth-ready OutSystems applications from the get go!

11 Courses
6 Hours

Becoming a Front-End Developer in OutSystems

Learn how to play the Front-End role while developing mobile apps in OutSystems.

7 Courses
5 Hours

DevOps in OutSystems

Learn how to plan and setup an OutSystems infrastructure that supports continuous delivery of applications into production. This also includes monitoring infrastructure as well as applications deployed in production.

10 Courses
10 Hours

Delivering OutSystems Projects

Learn what it takes to deliver OutSystems projects that will delight users and ensure great business value to organizations, and become an OutSystems Delivery Specialist. See how you can be the gateway between business and the delivery team and how to manage the project delivery timeline.

6 Courses
5 Hours

Asynchronous Capabilitites in OutSystems

Learn how to master the asynchronous capabilitites of the OutSystems platform. Create background jobs (Timers), process large amounts of data with Light BPT, and define business processes with Business Process Technology, Case Management framework and Workflow Builder.

6 Courses
4 Hours

Becoming a Tester in OutSystems

Learn how to do testing and ensure the quality of your OutSystems applications. See how you can establish a testing strategy and execute the tests during development iterations and in releases. Explore in detail the implementation and execution of some tests in OutSystems.

9 Courses
5 Hours

OutSystems for .NET Developers

Learn how the tools and capabilities of the .NET platform map to the tools and capabilities in OutSystems. Everything from creating, packaging, building, running, and debugging applications will be covered.

3 Courses
3 Hours

Becoming an OutSystems Business Analyst 

Learn all about what is necessary to be a Business Analyst in the context of an OutSystems project.

8 Courses
5 Hours

Mastering Platform and Factory Operations

Great applications don't end with development. In this path you'll learn all about tuning your infrastructure and OutSystems factory governance to provide the best possible lifecycle experience to your users and developers!

6 Courses
10 Hours

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