Build beyond the limits of claims management software

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Leverage existing IT resources and agility enabled by OutSystems for digital claims initiatives

Build what you need when you need it to stay one step ahead.  From customer-facing apps to internal operations to core claims management systems.

Why OutSystems for digital initiatives in claims management? 

Existing developers create apps that differentiate the experience of internal and external users, securely and at scale.  Automating engagement from the scene of loss to the claims handlers and core systems. 

Digitize claims for effective engagement

Combine portal and mobile apps with IoT, SMS, and the next wave of channel tech to simplify the claims experience like this 2022 British Innovation Award Winner. In 12 weeks, this insurance leader launched an API-first, digital FNOL claims experience that decreased claimants' level of effort and increased process efficiency.

Launch and evolve claims portals and apps faster

Create a unique claims experience for portal and mobile users in 8 weeks with 3 developers and reduce call volumes like American Integrity.  With a fully customized UI, business logic for claims triage, assignment, and status tracking, as well as integration with the core claims system, both claimants and claims handlers are fingertips away from the status of their claim.

Build B2B collaborative claims applications for operational efficiency

With OutSystems, claims solutions can meet the highest standards of security and compliance, creating trust among users, driving up collaboration, and speed to resolution. As with Liberty Mutual’s claims vendor application, no one is sure how many claims handlers or vendors will be working on invoices simultaneously, but the OutSystems platform ensures that performance is always top-quality for 10 or 10,000 users.

Create customizable claims systems for efficient growth

Build everything you need from white-label claims portals, mobile apps, and SMS engagements to core claims handling business logic and workflows.

Or take a page from Van Ameyde's book. "We chose to build our own claims system because existing solutions were too limited to support our business. It took 10 months and 10-15 resources to build the claims system with OutSystems." Marco Valkenburg, CIO, Van Ameyde

Follow in the footsteps of the insurers who have gone before you

150+ insurance organizations around the globe use the OutSystems platform.

RICOH’s claims operations as a service

FinTech Futures NA covers RICOH’s award-winning Intelligent Business Platform that extends RICOH’s capabilities into technical claims management and  operations.

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Chris Voller, Director of Claims on building an insurance portal with low-code: “OutSystems enabled us to rapidly build a web-based portal for our brokers that helps them better serve their customers and eliminates unnecessary processes and delays.”

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Açoreana Seguros | Generali

Acoreana (now Generali) worked with TrueWind to streamline identification and investigation into suspected fraud. They built NATIS web-application that better integrated systems, eliminating duplicate data entry.

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