Build a custom core system in months not years

Leverage the OutSystems low-code platform to develop a core system tailored to your business needs without the struggle of traditional development or the lock-in and inflexibility of COTS solutions or other low-code platforms.


Escape the COTS lock-in and the struggle of traditional code

Develop in weeks instead of months


faster delivery of changes to the core ERP system


Build exactly what you need to stay competitive


improvement in claims processing time


Deliver innovation when you need it


faster than traditional app dev


Building key core systems with OutSystems

Companies are innovating and reducing their costs by building core systems with our high-performance low-code platform.

Customized enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Build an ERP that fits your business instead of making your business fit someone else’s software.

Deliver complex data and back-end integrations, integrate workflows, and connect to web services and APIs. OutSystems works with all your existing technology investments.

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vopak testimony card
wim-gerholt-small-avatar Wim Gerholt, Director of Software Development at Vopak

“We evaluated three low-code platforms and chose OutSystems because it offered full-stack development. It was easy for our developers to learn and provided the most flexibility to build the smart, mobile-friendly applications we required.”

Unique customer relationship management (CRM)

Your customers are unique. Shouldn’t you build your core systems to overachieve on their expectations and deliver faster than using a COTS system?

Quickly create mobile and web applications, chatbots, and reactive web apps for any device. Build your data models, workflows, logic, and pixel-perfect user interfaces and interactions, and even add your custom code.

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dnb bank polska testimony card

Konrad Jeczen , CIO at DNB Bank Polska

“Having evaluated the market, we found that OutSystems was the ideal solution to deliver applications that integrate with multiple systems and data sources while providing great user experiences.”

Tailored supply chain and logistics

Speed is important in your supply chain. Why leave it up to a packaged vendor when you can build what you need faster and cheaper?

The OutSystems platform provides the vertical and horizontal scalability needed for the most complex enterprise and consumer experiences.

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estafeta testimony card
carlos-villavicencio-small-avatar Carlos Cedano Villavicencio, IT strategic project manager at Estafeta

“We had many issues with our old CRM. Configuration and changes were too slow to keep up with our dynamically changing market.”

Special core systems

Your business is different from your competition. Build core systems that support that difference with high-performance low-code.

Your team can build powerful apps without being limited by technology, losing control of code, or wasting time. Your developers can concentrate on the tasks that need their unique and seasoned touch.

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colliers international testimony card
mihai-strusievici-small-avatar Mihai Strusievici, Global VP of IT at Colliers

“By building a custom application, we’d have a solution that exactly met our requirements.”

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Core banking

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Claims management

Van Ameyde improves time to resolve claims by 30% with OutSystems

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Health insurance

CZ Health insurance serves 3.7 million policyholders with OutSystems

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What you will get with OutSystems

Beat the talent gap, innovate in months instead of years, and have the runway you need with high-performance low-code from OutSystems. Build core systems tailored for your specialized lines of business to boost agility and stay competitive.

Deployment flexibility

By default, customers activate their subscription on the OutSystems Cloud and start developing and delivering core systems immediately. But OutSystems was designed also for other clouds: private, public, on-premises, or hybrid deployments.

No lock-in

OutSystems takes your application models and generates standard code and optimized core systems that run on a standard web farm or cloud architecture. OutSystems also uses a standard relational database to deploy and store all data that your applications use.

Enterprise-grade scalability and security

OutSystems architecture supports a wide range of options including vertical and horizontal scalability and provides a secure runtime environment with the tools necessary for secure core systems development.

Fast and easy development

Visual, AI-driven development speeds up development tasks and eliminates waste so developers deliver core systems at the pace of elite CI/CD experts. Application backlogs vanish and tech debt disappears as your developers build apps up to 10x faster.

See how our high-performance low-code is different.