New Customer Onboarding


Attract and retain customers with fast, easy, and convenient digital onboarding journeys

Traditional onboarding processes that rely on paper forms and manual tasks result in friction and customer abandonment. Customers now expect intuitive digital journeys that can be completed with as few steps as possible, wherever and whenever they want.

With OutSystems, you can improve digital onboarding journeys and increase customer conversion rates while decreasing customer acquisition costs.

How OutSystems helps you build Digital Onboarding journeys

Reduce the onboarding journey time

Create intuitive experiences with beautiful UX templates, leverage  innovative technologies such as facial recognition and OCR to simplify data entry, and customized pre-filled forms to avoid repetition of data. 

Learn how Galp reduced the time to onboard new customers to just 3 minutes.


Make onboarding easy

Enable omnichannel capabilities so that your customers can start and finish their onboarding journey on their preferred channel without interruption. Build accessible apps and deploy any mobile app as a PWA - no installation required and ensure 24/7 support with custom-built chatbots.

Learn how thinkmoney grew customer conversions by 30% with seamless Digital Onboarding.

Let customers start using your services immediately

Connect internal systems and industry-specific third-party services to accelerate processes  like identity or signature verification and build dedicated workflows for automation of sign-up approvals without human intervention.

Learn how Lucro made instant credit decisions possible with a streamlined onboarding journey.


Why you should take a platform approach to Digital Customer Onboarding

Create intuitive experiences for any touchpoint quickly
  • Simplify app development for mobile, web, chat, voice, and AR/VR with a single platform and leveraging your existing team.
  • Enhance dev productivity with reusable components across channels.
  • Ensure style and experience consistency with an Experience System.
Build an efficient and scalable onboarding process
  • Automate complex processes with visual modeling to handle customer requests faster and more efficiently.
  • Enhance compliance and regulatory controls.
  • Scale with peace of mind - your customer data is secure.
Improve your onboarding journeys continuously
  •  React quickly to changes in customer needs or new regulations without sacrificing quality or security with a fully customizable and extendable platform.
  • Build exactly what you need in the most cost-effective way.

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