Build your own digital lending platform

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Don’t limit your business with a pre-built package

Build a digital lending platform to accommodate multiple loan types, conditions, and acquisition channels while delighting borrowers with convenience and speed–and leaving your competitors behind.

Gain competitive edge by building digital lending solutions fast

When emerging technologies change your playing field, and your current vendor is slow to support the innovation, turn to us. Our customers have integrated lead generation into the digital loan quoting process, offer embedded point of sale loans, and have mobile-friendly customer apps.

Delight borrowers with end-to-end digital lending experiences

Get to market with a differentiated lending experience for your borrowers. Build intuitive user interfaces or use APIs to embed your lending offers into the point of sale. Fully automate the lending process for brokers, staff, and borrowers like Lendr. Or, take a modular approach and start with on-line applications, self-service portals, or automated document verifications.

Get to market with multiple loan products

The modern digital lending platforms our clients build adapt to different loan types, distribution channels and market conditions. Easily configure approval processes for commercial loans, consumer loans and mortgage applications. Our platform avoids creating technical debt when building custom configurations and allows firms like Savana to capture new business.

Deliver lending services like the big institutions

Cut loan application time from 30 hours to 30 minutes. Use chatbots to guide borrowers through the application process for a positive user experience. Lucro’s commercial lending platform, built in just 15 weeks, gives borrowers and brokers a streamlined process eliminating errors and frustration.

Deploy new offers, collection services and loan products faster

No longer is offering a good rate enough to close the deal. Speed is becoming the edge in digital lending. Speed to response, speed to quote, speed to close along with the speed to market with new offers. To remain competitive, firms must remove the bottlenecks not just in development, but also in deployment. Through automated DevOps and a Sec-Ops ready cloud services platform, we eliminate tremendous bottlenecks across development, testing and compliance groups.

Loan origination and digital lending accelerators

Build extensible UIs, configurable workflows,  reusable data governance models, and leverage over 3,000 pre-built infrastructure connectors to build a fully digital end-to-end lending platform.

Loan origination

Based on a microservices architecture, there are out-of-the-box accelerators for various types of loans with multiple integration options.

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Let iT Flow document management

Quickly identify critical documents that need attention.

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OutSystems.AI chatbot

Use this to create your own chatbot.

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Customer Success Stories

Our clients get to market faster and close applications quicker across multiple digital channels.  A full-stack low-code platform is uniquely suited to design, automate, and deploy digital lending and credit provisioning systems.

Secure cloud lending services 

Corporate One services more than 750 credit unions and selected OutSystems because of our security, risk management, and monitoring for a SOC2 Type II compliant cloud platform.

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Mortgage broker support

Banco CTT with document support and activity dashboards.

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Corporate lending and credit services

Garanti Bank delivers a fully digital corporate credit platform  while tracking compliance and credit utilization.  

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More use cases in finance

See how our high-performance low-code platform is different