OutSystems for e-citizen portals and apps

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Build customized, accessible, and secure e-citizen experiences

Use existing teams to quickly and efficiently build customized e-citizen portals and apps, improving citizen experiences and trust, while meeting their high security, scalability, and accessibility standards.

Quickly build citizen apps from scratch to meet critical needs

Respond quickly to your citizen needs like the City of Oakland, by using a single platform to build apps that support series such as Rent Adjustment Program, Police Agency Complaints, Zoning checks, and Business Permit guidelines.

Create accessible citizen experiences to serve everyone equally

Ensure all your citizens or constituents can have access to your services by creating portals and apps that can be used by anyone, no matter their chronic or temporary limitations. Avoid discrimination and legal issues while improving usability and user satisfaction.

Build once, deploy everywhere

Reusability of components is available at all application layers: UI, business logic and database, so that you only need to build once. You can then reuse those components across any application of your portfolio.

Maximize your resources

By making use of automation, a visual IDE, and AI guidance for automatically completing logic and workflows, developers can build more apps in less time with ease, thus overcoming the talent shortage. That’s how City of Shawnee developed more than 30 apps in one year, including residential burn permits, asset management, and an employee wellness app.

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