Digitally Transform Your Field Service Operations for Greater Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Rapidly Deliver Multichannel Field Service Apps

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Increase Customer Satisfaction, Operational Efficiency, and Field Agent Engagement

Your customers are used to one-click purchases, same-day deliveries, and expect a flawless user experience. Your field agents require highly intuitive applications that allow them to complete their work orders in a fast, efficient manner. Do both. With OutSystems you can quickly deliver multi-channel applications that delight your customers and your field agents.

A Platform For All Your Field Service Needs

Drive Operational Efficiency

Mobile, Distributed and Offline

Quick and Easy Changes

Real-time Visibility

See how OutSystems can help you deliver multi-channel applications that delight your customers and agents

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"Using OutSystems, it took us just 6 months to go from initial concept to deployment, 3 times faster than if we had used traditional development methods."

Duco Boer

CIO at Falcker

Find out how OutSystems can help you make your Field Services Digital Transformation a reality:

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A Platform For All Your Field Service Needs

As your customers’ needs evolve, so do the channels and devices you need to be on to interact with them. Off the shelf solutions (COTS) often fall short keeping up with this level of change. Your field agents and contractors require a single solution that is easy to use and helps accomplish successful first-time visits.

With OutSystems you can quickly build multi-channel applications for all your stakeholders - for any device or operating system - in a matter of weeks regardless of process complexity. Using our modern application platform you can rapidly create applications to:

  • Quickly adjust to your customers' demands
  • Create a unique competitive advantage
  • Drive up customer satisfaction scores
  • Better enable technicians to increase their first-time-fix rates

Drive Operational Efficiency

Your field organization is under pressure to meet ever-increasing customer expectations while still delivering efficient service margins. OutSystems opens up a new world of efficiency, driving your business forward. Our platform enables you to consolidate multiple systems into a single field service portal, reduce paper-based processes, decrease service times, consistently hit your SLAs, and improve technician job satisfaction.

Learn how Vopak increased mobile employee productivity by 50%

Mobile Distributed and Offline

OutSystems can provide your field teams with mobile applications that are intuitive, and offer a superior user experience. Ramp-up times are faster, and all the information needed is at their point of service. Don’t sacrifice look-and-feel to get applications that work offline, use native device features such as: signature capture, voice to text, facial recognition, etc. Enable all your contractors and employees with secure access to databases and systems for full data transparency and efficiency.

Quick and Easy Changes

Making changes shouldn't lead to manual workarounds or service downtime. Field service applications created with OutSystems support the evolution of your business and your customers’ needs allowing you to make changes in hours. Update your mobile apps without having to reinstall them, and support BYOD.

Shawcor manages millions of inventory items for its customers with an integrated solution that includes a mobile inspection app and a customer portal

Field Service Visibility In Real-time

You need critical data to make decisions quickly and accurately, and your customers expect prompt and perfect service. OutSystems allows you to accomplish this by integrating real-time data into your app, so you have up-to-the-minute views of your customer and your team’s interactions with them. Have complete visibility into location status, asset tracking, and inventory or parts levels.

Yak Access streamlines inventory tracking and keeping customers informed of order status by extending their ERP to mobile

How OutSystems Helps

Address Skills and Resource Gaps

OutSystems can deliver the ideal field service management solution you need with the team you already have, thanks to: More than 140 UX/UI out of the box patterns, templates, and controls, so you don’t have to design and build from scratch. Run a single code base for all form factors regardless of device.

Painless Integration

OutSystems makes integration with existing and new systems easy. Developers can just configure an integration connector instead of writing (and rewriting) custom code. This is much faster and far less error-prone. And when you are ready to add IoT or AI/ML to your applications, we have you covered there, too.

Keeping Pace With Mobile

Mobile device screens, menus, buttons, and screen sizes are constantly changing, leaving mobile app developers scrambling. But not with OutSystems. We regularly add support for new mobile operating systems so you can keep up with the pace of change.

Our advanced mobile features include:

  • UI library for cross-platform
  • Pixel-perfect experiences
  • Secure offline capabilities
  • Prebuilt plugins for native device capabilities and sensors
  • Extensible platform to build custom plugins for native SDKs

Future Proof Your Field Service Apps

Applications built with OutSystems rely on standard architectures and frameworks. No proprietary components, runtime engines, or interpreters are required. Your new field service apps are generated into a fully open, standard, optimized, and documented set of server and client components. Most importantly, intellectual property remains yours.

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