Transform Your Large Legacy Systems


Are you struggling with customized packages or aging systems that are expensive to maintain and slow to change? Are you faced with a modernization project that will take years to go live?


What’s at Stake?

Replacing large core legacy systems can provide incredible benefits to your business - reduced technical debt, increased agility, and more time to innovate.
Yet, the stakes are high. It’s risky, complex and the time required to re-build core systems can take years. You wonder if your business needs will even be the same by the time you get done.
There’s a better way.
What's at stake?

How OutSystems Helps You

OutSystems breaks the stalemate, helping you rebuild large systems in months instead of years. By combining fast visual development, easy integration, and rock-solid scalability, you can build your systems of the future with confidence and speed.
Speed to Succeed
Visual development to deliver complex, core systems in months not years with your existing team
Agile and Future-Proof
Continuously deliver on change requests at the speed of business with no technical debt
Ensure Business Continuity
IT and business teams can iterate and deliver new processes fast without disrupting current operations
Reusable Services Architecture
Manage and refactor hundreds of interdependent service components to attain zero technical debt
Reuse and Extend
Leverage existing legacy systems with reusable components for fast and easy integration
Scale Without Risk
Deliver with confidence using an architecture that scales to millions of transactions and users

The Results - Large Custom Systems Gallery

New large-scale business applications are being developed across all industries with OutSystems. Agility at scale will make the difference, helping organizations avoid digital disruption from startups without any technical debt to hold them back.
Banking AppsBanking & Financial Services


Loan Loss Provisions

Risk Management


Insurance AppsInsurance

Policy Administration

Product Administration

Pension Fund Engine

Claims Handling







Scheduling & Nominations

Position Management




End-to-End Operations

LifesciencesLifesciences, Pharma & Biotech

Labs Management

Clinical Trial Management


Hospital Management

HL7 broker


Airport Billing System

Terminal Management Broker

Engineering & ManufacturingEngineering & Manufacturing

Product Development

Samples Management

Business and ServicesBusiness Services

Workforce Management

Workers Benefits Engine


Product & Contract Management

In-Store Operations

TransportationTransportation & Logistics

Terminal Management

What's Next?

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