Mobile Finance and Digital Banking

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Create interactive, mobile finance apps with OutSystems low-code

Banks, brokers, investment, and consumer finance firms are building high-quality, extensible, mobile finance and digital banking apps up to 10 times faster than with traditional coding techniques.

Propel the customer journey with personalized digital engagements

Extend digital banking services beyond account service to multi-media engagements, from presentation to interactions and from reports to risk-managed e-wallets.

Build personalized engagements

Develop an engaging mobile-first banking, brokerage, credit, or payments wallet. Digitally engage corporate and retail clients, integrate chatbots, and incorporate third party services. Visual, model-driven development and 1oo+ pre-built components allow rapid builds and pixel-perfect deployments.

Secure, seamless, and rapid app deployment

Avoid laborious dependency and impact analysis while hardening the protection of native Android and iOS apps. OutSystems eases development with AI-assisted automation and enterprise-grade security. Built-in DevOps and a SecOps-ready platform enable developers to respond quickly to changing requirements and regulations.

Flexible updates and distributions  

Is there a logic change in the app? Don’t force a new download from the app store. Choose how apps update on user devices. With one click, you may deliver your mobile finance apps to both app stores or as progressive web apps (PWAs) from our mobile application build service (MABS).

OutSystems application templates for mobile finance and digital banking

Digital Banking

Deliver new online banking functionality without juggling frameworks or integrations, while maintaining exacting security standards.

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Self Service Portals

Easily build high-quality reactive web portals along with companion apps that run on tablets and mobile phones.

Create a self-service portal

Account Opening and Approvals

Create personalized experiences leveraging 100+ pre-built components that cover common digital interaction patterns.

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Digital banking success stories

See how financial services firms use OutSystems to create digital and mobile apps and experiences that delight customers, reduce workloads, and deliver a competitive edge.

Western Union

Developed the whole front-end app in less than four months.

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anb has made loan origination three times faster and mortgage applications 64% faster.

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Next-gen UX makes a competitive difference.

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Mobile Finance Resources

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