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Create a modern, flexible office space for your employees to thrive

Rapidly build an office management software solution to minimize real estate costs, ensure employee health and safety, and give collaborators the flexibility they need. Watch an example of what you can build with OutSystems.

Give your workforce the flexibility they demand

Quickly deploy a mobile app to make the lives of your full remote, or hybrid workers easier when accessing offices, or booking a desk or a meeting room. Like Sage, you can respond to urgent software needs in record time.

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sage case study
sander-blok-avatar Stephen Lukert, Global Director of Finance Solutions, Sage

“Our earlier success with OutSystems for mobile app development made this the obvious choice for MyWorkSpace.”

Deploy an office management app to optimize your space, and real-estate costs

Allow your facilities counterparts to act on real-time data such as utilization, occupancy, or movement paths to rearrange office spaces. Follow in the footsteps of Allegro Microsystems and transition to a modern, safe, and cost-effective workplace.

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allegro microsystems
sander-blok-avatar Rhett Ramos, IT Director, Allegro MicroSystems

“We kept our employees safe, all in a matter of a few weeks of development through the OutSystems platform.”

Stay prepared for disruption, always prioritizing employee health and safety

Provide the means for your IT team to react quickly and be able to deploy contact tracing, automated sanitization scheduling, or vaccine status-tracking in a single mobile app–much like what the Union Bank of the Philippines did.

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union bank case study
sander-blok-avatar Ron Puno, Business Process Automation Head, Union Bank of the Philippines

“We use OutSystems because it's essentially the way that allows us to go to market much quicker, at a much more rapid pace than anyone.”

To help you start even faster

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Sample Application

Leverage the “Office Space” sample application and eliminate some of the manual work of building your own Office Management System.

Check out the Office Space sample app
application samples
Sample Application

Visit the OutSystems Forge and use this sample application as your backoffice manager with plenty of functionalities available out-of-the-box.

Start with a pre-built back office

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