Performance Management System


OutSystems can help you ensure performant teams regardless of workforce setting

A customized Performance Management System reflects company culture and easily adapts to your unique business processes. Setting goals, gathering continuous feedback, and creating a dedicated space for praise are some capabilities you can quickly build and deploy with high-performance low code.

Boosting Workforce Performance with OutSystems

Opt for a custom-built application and break free from standardized packages

Tailoring a Performance Management System with OutSystems lets you set the assessment periods you need and back them with recurring 1-on-1s, cyclic reviews, or peer appraisals. Endless possibilities to reflect your unique operational model.


Adapt or add functionality at will to cement a motivational, transparent, and fair model

Within a custom app approach, you can design your dashboards, add ongoing conversations or calibrations to ensure everyone witnesses unbiased reviews, and have open discussions to identify growth opportunities.

Evolve your methodologies to track a distributed team’s performance

Drive equal engagement in your Performance Management program by adding custom capabilities such as self-reflections, individual and group OKRs, or success recognition. All regardless of your workforce setting.


Learn how you can build your unique Performance Management System