The New IT Imperative

With the "UX for IT" initiative, our goal is to help ITs around the world understand and embrace the UX concepts, and show you how to create applications with great usability, that completely fit the users' context, and that are visually pleasing. In short, we want to teach you all about UX, so you can deliver truly great enterprise applications!

What’s included?


eBook: 11 Usability Rules for IT Developers

An eBook of core Usability principles developers should remember when building applications with great UX. Download the eBook


Vision Document Template

A tool that facilitates team understanding of an application development project. Teams may collaborate with users to reach a common vision. Download the document


UX Checklist

An easy to use checklist for aligning the build process to best practices. Download the checklist


Download your UX toolkit and start building your next great enterprise app today!

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