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Usability: Just One More Thing You Don’t Have Time For?

Whether it's because a) you take a lot of pride in your work, or b) your boss finally read Steve Jobs' biography, there's a good chance that you hear (and maybe even say) the words -user experience- a lot more often nowadays than you used to. Usability guru Steve Krug, author of Don’t Make Me Think, will talk about how you can dramatically improve what you design and build and still get home in time for dinner (at least occasionally).

Using Agile Thinking to Deliver What Business Really Wants

Terry White, author of "What business really wants from IT", will show how agile thinking allows IT to do much more than just develop solutions and support of business needs. CEOs want IT to be more involved in actual business operations, and to take the lead in business direction. They want IT to facilitate better and faster business results, and to create new products, markets and channels. Terry will explore new IT roles, processes, relationships and measures of success using agile thinking, to finally deliver on the full potential of IT.

The World of Vopak

A 400-year-old company is digitally transforming with Outsystems Platform! In this session, Vopak will share their story, including who they are, how they’ve succeeded for four centuries and how technology has ushered in the fourth Industrial Revolution. They’ll describe the challenges they overcame and why choosing the right technology is critical for digital excellence. Pieter Lek will follow by sharing a use case of planning and execution (Plex+).

But What About Testing?

Unit Testing is a great way to improve the quality of your applications. In this session, you will learn how to add Unit Testing to your OutSystems Platform projects, and demonstrate how the technique has been successfully applied at Zen Internet. Along the way we'll examine the situations unit testing is best suited for, how it enables test-driven development, how it compares to UI-based testing, and how it can fit into your overall quality management process.

Why Low-Code Platforms are the Future of App Dev

Principle Analyst, John Rymer discusses the possibility of a revolution in the world of app development by using low-code platforms. His insights demonstrate the need for adoption of low-code platforms, sharing vital statistics on where app development is going and how you can deliver scalable products faster and more reliably. Low-code platforms are a crucial component to your portfolio.

Wisconsin Department of Corrections Energizes its Team with OutSystems

A low-code development platform didn’t seem like a one-size-fits-all solution to two senior developers who didn't want to lose their coding touch. Jim Pyka, Data Integration Services Manager, shares how OutSystems solved the challenge of too much grunt work to challenge advanced developers and energized them with more strategic roles and responsibilities.

Wixon Rewrites Legacy System 3x Faster with OutSystems

When a legacy system's underlying technology became too restrictive, Wixon needed to rewrite it fast and make a dent in their backlog. Jim Pade shares how OutSystems made it possible for one developer to deliver three large systems and a fourth project in one year, 3x faster than before.

Disruption in a 10x World

Hyperbole from product companies washes over us on a daily basis - 50% faster, 80% longer-lasting, twice the taste, 4x stronger. Is it any different for IT leaders when they hear statements like "Develop 10x faster?” Does the impact of what this really means sink in? And, how do organizations prepare themselves for this kind of increase in speed? Join us as we look more closely at what 10x implies and hear directly from FICO and Kent State about how they are disrupting their ecosystem.

Zurich Portugal's OutSystems-Powered Digital Transformation

Marco Navega, Head of Applications and Digital Transformation at Zurich Portugal, describes how Zurich has transformed its agents' and brokers' digital experience. The insurer's new web and mobile applications provide a competitive differentiator for Zurich.

Panel - Retail - NextStep2019

There's more to retail than just the storefront. For retail to be successful, organization must synchronize online and offline, the front office and the back office, not to mention shipping, logistics, and payments. Hear how some of today's most notable retailers are tackling modernization efforts, successfully, using low-code.

Setting up a Tech Innovation Lab in a Traditional Grocery Retail Environment - NextStep2019

Technology is changing how we buy food and do business. Understanding how new technologies impact our clients and operations is a must-have for any grocery retailer wanting to be the first choice for clients, while remaining cost-competitive. This session walks through Jeronimo Martins’ process, including hurdles, of setting up a lab store that helps them create the ideal environment for selecting the right tools to invest in today, that also meet their needs tomorrow.