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YESCO - Saving Time by Automating Business Processes

YESCO, one of the largest sign companies in the US, used to create projects and invoices through a redundant manual process. Using OutSystems low-code development platform, YESCO’s small team of developers built a ‘one-stop-shop’ project portal that has been a huge timesaver, according to Mike Neyman, software engineer. Get the full story

Back to the Drawing Board

Over the past year and a half, we have been working relentlessly to reinvent our product so that you can deliver mobile applications that your users will fall in love with. In this session, we'll show you how building mobile apps has changed from previous versions. We will start with the challenges you have building them. We will walk you through each hard decision and tradeoff we had to make along the way. Finally, we will explain the revolution we had to do under the hood to make all of this possible. Learn more about NextStep.

Big Data at the Service of High-Performance Sports

Damian Smith, the Head of IT of the England and Wales Cricket Board, explains how OutSystems has enabled better engagement between athletes and coaches with leading edge research and data, ultimately increasing the athletes' performance.

What’s the Big Idea? Using Low-Code for Brainstorming and Decision-Making

Blockchain Demystified

Let's talk about blockchain: what it is, how it works, and where you can use it. In this session, we'll also demonstrate how you can use OutSystems to create a blockchain-enabled application.

bswift Gets to Market Faster with a Digital Toolkit Built on OutSystems

Ed Rumzis explains how OutSystems helps bswift get to market faster with a customer-centered benefits administration solution. Built on OutSystems, the digital toolkit enables bswift to rapidly tailor simple, intuitive experiences for employers and their employees. This agility powers the company’s 20% CAGR, because as Ed says, “OutSystems enables us to be customer intimate in a way that is still scalable and leverageable.”

Building and Deploying Native Apps in Minutes with OutSystems Platform version 10

This short demo shows how you can quickly create and deploy a mobile native app using the same low-code patterns that you would use to create web responsive applications, using OutSystems Platform version 10.

City of Las Vegas: Building the Framework for Digital Government

Listen to Rick Virmani, Systems Manager, share how the City of Las Vegas has transformed its application development approach with OutSystems. Low-code development was the perfect complement to the city's existing web services-based architecture. You'll learn how the City of Las Vegas delivered a new building inspection app in just 6 weeks, kickstarting a mission to improve all kinds of services for 600,000+ citizens.

Building Great Mobile Experiences with Low-Code

With the release of OutSystems 10 we made the creation of sophisticated mobile apps fast and simple using a low-code approach. Since then we've been helping many customers develop amazing new mobile apps. In this session we will share what we learned from them, and how we are making it even easier for you to create the next great mobile app.

Building the Right Digital Experience for Your Fans

The days where IT was measured by how many features it could deliver are long gone, replaced by an ever-increasing pressure to wow customers with the best digital experience across all touchpoints. Hear how SL Benfica restructured to disrupt the status quo, injected low-code into their processes, wowed their audience, and plans to grow their fan base from 200,000 to millions.

Building the Right Digital Experience: The Story of Apro

In this digital era, there's an increasing pressure to deliver awesome experiences to customers across all industries - including healthcare. In this session, Marcel Bos from Promedico shares the story of Apro, a brand new application built with OutSystems for public pharmacies in the Netherlands. With Apro, pharmacists can now consult patient records, manage inventory and bookkeeping, process recipes, and monitor and proactively repeat medication.

Building a Live Style Guide

What can you do to speed up development while still ensuring brand consistency? Mobile and Front-End Expert Daniel Reis has extensive experience in creating and customizing live style guides for a number of companies, with amazing results to show off.