Reach for the Stars: Accelerating Past the Competition with Determination and Innovation

Scott Parazynski, Former NASA Astronaut, Veteran of five Space Shuttle flights and seven spacewalks | OutSystems NextStep Chicago 2017

From repairing a critically damaged panel on the International Space Station to overcoming a crippling back injury to reaching the top of Mount Everest, Dr. Scott Parazynski is no stranger to lofty goals or obstacles. Inspired by his father, an engineer who helped develop the Saturn V boosters for the Apollo lunar program, he has a passion for pursuing difficult challenges and a relentless, methodical approach to tackling them. In this keynote, he’ll share how his resolve to make his dreams a reality has translated to his current role as a tech startup CEO. Join us as he explains how a corporate culture that values and actively seeks out innovation from a diverse, multidisciplinary team can accelerate past the competition.

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