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Best Practices for Avoiding and Fixing Technical Debt

An interactive discussion with Professor Rick Kazman, author of the recently published MIT Press book “Technical Debt in Practice: How to Find it and Fix It.”

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Speed to market and speed to change are key competitive differentiators in a digital economy. But speed often comes at the cost of technical debt—that is, the time and resources spent having to rework a solution later due to actions taken (or not taken) today. In an effort to get a product out the door, technology built for short-term benefit ends up consuming resources, creating risk, and stopping innovation at a later stage in the software life cycle.

Join OutSystems and Professor Rick Kazman, author of “Technical Debt in Practice: How to Find It and Fix It,” for an interactive discussion on how to measure and manage technical debt.

During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Common causes of technical debt and how to identify them
  • Best practices to monitor, measure and manage technical debt
  • Deep dive into three crucial chapters from the book: implementation debt, architecture debt and deployment debt.
  • And more!


Hans van Grieken
Independent International Technology Researcher
at Techinspire

John Ferguson
Solution Architecture
at OutSystems

Rick Kazman
at University of Hawaii

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