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Three Customer Experience Strategies to Beat Competition

Discover how FWD Insurance became a leader in a highly competitive market, through their customer-obsessed digital innovations.

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Gartner data shows that 89% of marketers expect to compete solely on the basis of CX in the next two years.

Today’s highly connected customers demand an ever-expanding set of digital touchpoints to interact with, placing pressure on companies to start large transformation projects to overhaul their end-to-end customer journeys and compete with these expectations.

In this webinar, you will see how FWD Insurance went from having no digital presence to differentiating based on great digital customer experience in just 3 years by delivering simple, intuitive, and convenient digital experiences, allowing them to respond to customer demands quickly.

Tune in to hear how FWD Insurance:

  • Implemented processes to develop a deep customer understanding 
  • Leveraged a low-code platform to get a leg-up on the competition
  • Exceeding their goals and delivered on their digital strategy faster and below budget
  • Broke down silos ensuring a faster response to customer feedback


maricel paygane

Maricel Paygane
Customer Experience Lead
FWD Insurance

joao grazina

João Grazina
Product Manager