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How To Mobilize for Digital Transformation

In A Risk-Averse Environment

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Change is the foundation of progress, and key to maintaining a competitive advantage. But how do you start down the path of technological change in a heavily regulated and risk-averse environment, such as insurance? Last year, Standard Insurance Company found itself in this exact position, weighed down by a portfolio full of quickly deprecating technology. The IT team knew their next move was critical. They would need to enlist the right champions and the right technology to achieve such a wide-scale endeavor.

View our recorded webinar: How To Mobilize for Digital Transformation in a Risk-Averse Environment to learn how Standard Insurance Company organized for transformative change, while carefully balancing its risk and compliance. Hear how the company used the low-code development platform from OutSystems to modernize legacy applications, automate manual work, and lay the foundation for a roadmap toward a flourishing digital future. 

Highlights of the session include how to:

  • Quickly move the needle on digital progress
  • Involve the appropriate stakeholders and select the right champions
  • Develop a digital roadmap balancing necessities with aspirations


Tony Abedini

Tony Abedini

Solutions Architect,
Standard Insurance Company

Ariel Russo

Ariel Russo

Product Marketing Manager
OutSystems, Inc.


Jim Ericson

Jim Ericson

Consultant, Editor Emeritus
Information Management