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The Bimodal Bake Off: Putting Teams and Talent to the Test

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Maybe you believe that IT can coexist in two separate but complementary modes as both stable and agile. Or maybe you’re convinced that those two modes are inherently at odds, and create more friction than innovation when forced together. Love it or hate it, bimodal IT has become a hot topic that every IT leader has to grapple with.

Join us for a roundtable discussion where we explore the dangers, benefits and realities of bimodal IT. Jason Bloomberg, president of digital transformation firm Intellyx, and Rui Vaz, partner with Deloitte, will get down to the brass tacks of bimodal.

Learn about these topics and more in what promises to be a fascinating discussion.


Jason Bloomberg

Jason Bloomberg

President, Intellyx
Agile Digital Transformation Expert

Steve Rotter


Rui Vaz

Deloitte Portugal