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Fast track your digitisation with Deloitte and OutSystems low-code platform

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Digital Transformation has been on top of company’s IT agendas in recent years and the latest health-crisis has proven how important it is to change and adapt businesses’ needs in record times.

With the OutSystems Low-code platform applications are future-proof. Companies are able to update applications as quickly as business imperatives shift due to competition, economics, disruption, or the emergence of new opportunities.

Join OutSystems and Deloitte in this webinar to learn more about how to revolutionize your applications. In this session, you will hear from our customer about how they’re using the OutSystems Low-Code Platform to make the difference.

You’ll learn:

  • Launch digital solutions to capture new markets and eliminate technical debt
  • The types of IT and business challenges you can solve with OutSystems and Deloitte
  • The role of application development platforms in your digital transformation journey
  • Empower developers and business teams to collaborate and innovate


Rodrigo Castelo
Vice President – Middle East & Africa
at OutSystems

Diogo Henriques
CoE Lead
at Deloitte

João Carraca
Tech Manager
at Deloitte

Roberto Rocha
at Deloitte

Ozlem Yanmaz
at Deloitte Turkey