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Forrester Insights:
Changing Business Priorities
in the Wake of a Global Pandemic

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Times have changed and what we’re all wondering is how we move forward. What do we need to do in order to keep business going and how can we address our new top priorities?

It’s become abundantly clear that one of the main areas of focus is Digital Transformation. Digitizing processes as fast as possible, new applications to track employee health and wellness, the need to foster collaboration and coordination of remote workforces...the list goes on, but who better to look to in a time of uncertainty than the experts?

Join guest speaker and Forrester analyst John Rymer as he shares his insights on the recent business changes and challenges as well as tools and best practices to help you tackle your new goals.

To learn more, read our guest speaker John Rymer's insights on the impact of app development platforms in enterprises of the future.


John Rymer

Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development and Delivery Professionals

Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes

Senior Director of Product Marketing