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Exploring the Myths and Realities of Low-Code

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Does your organization want to crush app dev backlogs, but the very idea of low-code causes shivers? Research suggests 57 percent of organizations are still standing on the sidelines, afraid of disrupting their current approach to application development and delivery. Meanwhile, forward-thinking companies are using low-code application development platforms to accelerate digital innovation. 

If your organization is one of the 57%, fear not. This webcast will dispel the myths of low-code platforms, and you can see just how effective they really are.

Tune in to watch our speakers discuss:

  • What you can build with low-code.
  • Vendor lock-in and how to avoid it.
  • Low-code security.
  • Low-code scalability.
  • How will low-code impact your career?


Miguel Baltazar

Miguel Baltazar

Director of Transformation Services

João Campos

João Campos


Nigel Warren

Nigel Warren

Researcher and Writer