You receive badges for being helpful and by contributing to the OutSystems Developers Community.
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This week
Getting Started
Join the OutSystems Community
197 880 awarded
Fill out all your profile information
258 awarded
Profile Superstar
Be the first to complete your profile (limited edition until Jun 12th)
182 awarded
Community Participation
First Post
Post your first question in the community
7 667 awarded
First Idea
Post your first idea in the community
938 awarded
Answer Marked as Solution
Submit an answer that is so good that it’s marked as the solution
3 921 awarded
First Component
Create your first component in the community
1 385 awarded
Idea Implemented
Submit an idea that is so good that we implement it
506 awarded
Spread the Word
Share your articles or publications
111 awarded
Share your awards with the group
55 awarded
Share your success as a speaker
38 awarded
Webinar Led
Lead a webinar and help others master a skill or technique
14 awarded
Meetup Organizer
Organize a meetup and be a network builder
15 awarded
Event Organizer
Organize an event and be a network builder
7 awarded
Moderator Level
Meet the criteria to be the OutSystems equivalent of a rock star
31 awarded
Learning and Experience
Certification Attained
Earn an OutSystems certification
4 328 awarded
Project Finished
Share the outcome of a project that you were involved in building
510 awarded
How do I earn badges?
The description of each badge includes how you can achieve it.
Are my badges public in the community?
If you set your profile as public, they are visible to registered community members and visitors. If you set your profile as private, only registered members can see them.
I haven’t been active in the community recently, so why do I have badges already?
We looked at what you’ve done in the community since you joined. Based on what we found, we determined you were eligible for these badges.
I’ve just added an activity to my profile, but the badge has not appeared in my profile. How long does it take to have my page panel updated?
It should be automatic. Contact the support team.