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OutSystems Community: Code of Conduct

OutSystems Community Code of Conduct 

The OutSystems Community was born from the desire to create a place to share OutSystems and development ideas and knowledge. Everyone is welcome, from the couch potatoes to fitness aficionados to developers with 30 years of experience to new college graduates. Diverse cultures, backgrounds, and levels of expertise, are what make our community unique and strong. 

This code of conduct was written to help you take the most of this diverse atmosphere and to encourage all participants to be active members without fear of prejudice, attack or trolling.

This code of conduct applies to all spaces in the OutSystems Community and must be respected by all participants. This applies to newcomers, to those who have been around for a while and just now became more active, and MVPs. Included in this space are forum posts and replies, Forge components, comments on ideas, articles you might write, and social media. In addition, the code of conduct applies to content that can be found offline, such as in official meetup pages.

By participating in the OutSystems Community, you are agreeing to our code of conduct. So, whenever you’re acting as a member, remember to follow these guidelines. 

Be Considerate 

Anything you publish or upload can be used by other members and you may also use any content available. So, whenever you post, upload, or make any kind of decision, consider how it might affect other members. 

Be Respectful 

You may not agree with everything that another member publishes. However, no matter the circumstances, always choose a diplomatic way to solve a disagreement. We won’t allow personal attacks. A place where people can freely express their opinion without feeling threatened is much more productive. Aren’t we all here for the fun? 

Be Responsible for Your Words and Actions

We all make mistakes. Just keep it in mind: you are responsible for all your activity and content you post or upload and will be held accountable if there are issues. So, if you make a mistake admit it. Then, either correct it or move on if there’s nothing to fix after a simple, “I’m sorry.”

Be Collaborative 

Do you know the saying “two heads are better than one”? That’s what the OutSystems Community is all about: collaboration. If you discover another member or other members are experiencing the same challenges or issues as you are, work together to solve the problem and share it with the rest of the community together.

Be Yourself

The true essence of our community is people. We believe that by being your true self you will bring a lot of value to the community. Much more than if you portray yourself as a brand or a company. So, we ask that members use their real names or their real-life nickname, instead of anonymous pseudonyms, fictional or commercial names.  

Ask for Help

Knowing everything is not a requirement for members, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have questions, try to be as accurate or precise as you can, and feel free to ask as many as you need to convey your point. Also, remember to do it in the appropriate forum.

Be Helpful 

… And if someone asks for your help, respond. What’s the point of having a community if we don’t help each other out? 

Watch Your Language

Although some posts or threads might get a little salty, it should be done with a sense of fun. In other words, don’t use profane or obscene language to upset other members. Also, you should never threaten anyone. And naturally, pornographic content is forbidden. All members should feel safe.


Don’t spam 

Everyone hates spam messages as much as you do. So, don’t post “spam,” “pyramid schemes,” “affiliate marketing,” or any kind of unsolicited commercial advertisements for discount cards, credit counseling, online surveys, online contests…you get the idea. 

Be Careful When You Post or Upload Links

You know how annoying it is to lose your work or to have to reformat a drive because of malicious software and downloads. So, before you share something you’ve been sent by a third party, check to make sure it’s not a virus, worm, malware, or other software that might do damage.

Don’t Claim the Work of Others as Your Own  

There’s nothing wrong with looking for inspiration from others. But if you’re not using original content, cite your sources. No one likes copycats (unless they’re in Marvel comic books). 

Leave Piracy to the Movies

Don’t pirate OutSystems products and don’t offer pirated software. 

Consider Others Before You Leave 

If you decide to leave the OutSystems Community, remember that you are likely leaving projects behind. If you are on a Forge component team, for example, let your team know. In addition, try to make sure that others can follow up on what you’re leaving behind. We hate to see you leave, but we understand that sometimes it just happens.

How Do You Report Violations of the Code of Conduct? 

Get in touch with someone from the OutSystems Community team -, and we’ll take the right measures. 

In sum, keep it cool and help us make this place a friendly, helpful and fun environment. 

Note: Many thanks to our MVPs for helping us develop our code of conduct.


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Always useful information to read.


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