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March 2022

Posts and videos from the community with hints, tips, and how-tos to help you get work done

See how Julian created an app to stay connected to friends and family during a hospital stay.

Don’t miss the first article in the series from OutSystems MVP, Raphael Ranieri, that will talk about DevOps Model within OutSystems.

OutSystems Developer Advocate, Rui Barbosa explores whether it's possible to make a game like Wordle with OutSystems, and shows what that might look like (spoiler's fun to create AND fun to play!).

Blog posts, documentation, and videos created by the OutSystems team to give you technical insights into the platform.

What if your users could sign documents online without printing, paper, and scanning? Now they can. Learn how to add Box e-signature feature to your apps.

Learn how using Kubernetes to orchestrate containerized applications can accelerate development and deployment, and better align resources to strategic needs.

Learn how SAP integration can help organizations unlock their true potential and what they should consider when choosing their integration platform.

Stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest technical news

We encourage you to try them both out and give us your feedback! Please convey feedback through Integration Builder (top-right corner) or respond via the forum links!

If you’re looking to validate your knowledge and professional experience in critical fields of expertise like Release Management, Testing, and Application monitoring, then here’s your chance at showing off your skills to the world. This exam focuses on practical knowledge and scenarios that validate your knowledge and professional experience.

Check out the new Service Studio with all the features that work for both Windows and MacOS.

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