Validate file extension

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Validate file extension

Component will help you finding the MIME/Content Type & Validate the file extensions
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We are going to upload a document from HTML input & we can find the magic number of that file & from that number we can find the file type of that file.

Magic Number:

  • A magic number is a number embedded at or near the beginning of a file that indicates its file format (i.e. the type of file it is).
  • This number is not visible to us.
  • Every file has a number that represents the name of file types which is hexadecimal format.
  • In our program, we will convert it into bytes and an array for checking file type.

Chart for the magic number


Note: Refer chart source for file types Wikipedia.

1. Known Mime Types

2. Common MIME Type 

Digital Investigation Site for Magic Numbers -

Validate File Extension Demo 



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