Google Drive Integration Service

Stable Version 1.0.2 (OutSystems 11)
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Google Components Team
Google Components Team
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Google Drive Integration Service

Integration with the Google Drive Rest API V3. Contains the rest integration wrapped in specific service actions for easier use of the API.
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Integration with the Google Drive Rest API V3.

All methods require a Token that you can be fetched by any different ways (using a user account authentication or a service account authentication ).

Service Actions available in this integration:

  • File
    • CopyFIle
    • CreateFile
    • DeletePermanentlyFileFromDrive
    • Download
    • ExportFileBinary
    • GetFileDataById
    • GetFilesByDriveId
    • GetFileShareURLById
    • MoveFile

  • Folder
    • DeletePermanentlyFolder
    • DriveCreateFolder
    • GetFolderDataById
    • GetFolderShareURLById
    • MoveFolder

  • Service
    • GetDriveQuota

  • SharedDrive
    • DeleteFromDrive
    • GetFiles
    • GetSharedDrives
    • GetSharedDrivesFilesFolders
    • GetShareDriveData
    • MoveContent
    • SearchSharedDrives
    • ShareGrantPermission
    • UpdateMetadata

Rest services used:

- /drive/v3/files/{fileId}/copy (POST)

- /drive/v3/files (POST)

- /drive/v3/files/{fileId} (DELETE)

- /drive/v3/files/{fileId} (GET)

- /drive/v3/drives/{driveId} (GET)

- /drive/v3/drives (GET)

- /drive/v3/files/{fileId}/export?mimeType={mimeType} (GET)

- /drive/v3/files (GET)

- /drive/v3/about (GET)

- /drive/v3/files/{fileId} (PATCH)

- /upload/drive/v3/files (POST)

- /drive/v3/files/{fileId}/permissions (POST)

For more information please consult the Google Drive API documentation.

To demo this application you can install the Google Components Demo

The Demo application contains a demonstration for 4 Google Components:

- Google Authentication Core;

- Google Sheets;

- Google Drive;

- Google Calendar.

What’s new (1.0.2)

Removed the demo and implemented it in a independent component.

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