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Expandable Table Row

Stable version 1.1.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 20 June 2022 by 
 (5 ratings)

Expandable Table Row

Allows the user to display secondary information inside in an expanded table row.
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Did you ever felt like your table has too much information, but it’s all important and you want to somehow have it all available to the user right there? This is where the component Expandable Table Row can help you, with it you can keep the must have information on the table and the should have in the expandable section, without the need of the user loosing context to access this information or having an overcrowded table.

To use it you just need to drag and drop it to the last column of your table and place the data you want to show in the content placeholder. For more details, see the Documentation tab.

The component is also optimized for mobile use and with the latest version it is now also possible to customize the CSS classes.

Release notes (1.1.2)
  • Updated CSS to fix issue with newer versions of OutSystemsUI (tested on 2.8.3 and 2.9.0) where in mobile the empty cells generated by the component were appearing. 
  • It is now possible to customize the row (tr) and cell (td) style using the inputs "StyleRow" and "StyleCell". Note: if you just want to add a new CSS class to the "StyleRow" do not forget to also add the default values.
    Thank you Carlos Escórcio for this feedback :)
Reviews (4)
in version 1.1.2
Good component, there is a small bug when expanding the first row after it is already expanded, which means that the button does not react to a different state when it is clicked. It looks like an empty line is added.
in version 1.1.1
Very good componenet, easy to implement in version 11 and cover all situations that was needed for the projects. Thanks
in version 1.1.0
Very easy to use component that looks good. Found one small bug using an expand-all function, not cleaning up left-overs. Will change to 5 stars if fixed.