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HMS Location Plugin

Stable version 6.4.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 16 Jun by 
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HMS Location Plugin

This module enables communication between Huawei Location SDK and OutSystems platform. It exposes all functionality provided by Huawei Location SDK.
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  • Initial Version
Release notes (6.4.0)

HMS Location Plugin - 6.4.0

New Features

  • Opened the background location service for non-Huawei Android phones, and added the enableBackgroundLocation and disableBackgroundLocation methods to FusedLocationService.
  • Supported fused location on non-Huawei phones.
  • Added setLogConfig and getLogConfig methods for log recording function.
  • Added getFromLocation and getFromLocationName methods for geocoding function.

Modified Features

  • Deleted the capability of prompting users to install HMS Core (APK).
  • Enhanced the activity identification function.
  • Canceled support of the geofence function on non-Huawei Android phones.

Deleted Features

  • Deleted the hasActivityRecognitionPermission and requestActivityRecognitionPermission methods in ActivityIdentificationService.
  • Deleted the hasLocationPermission and requestLocationPermission methods in FusedLocationService.
License (6.4.0)
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in version 1.0.1
Hey there,

I was trying to incorporate this plugin in my mobile app. However, when generating the android app, it is only possible with the 7.2 MABS version.

8.1 MABS is not working and throws the following error: OS-MABS-GEN-50000

Can you help me?