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HMS Map Plugin

Stable version 6.9.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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HMS Map Plugin

This module enables communication between Huawei Map SDK and OutSystems platform. It exposes all functionality provided by Huawei Map SDK
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  • Initial version
Release notes (6.9.0)

HMS Map Plugin - 6.9.0

New Features

  • Added the addHeatMap method to HuaweiMap.
  • Added the HeatMap and HeatMapOptions classes.
  • Added the convertCoordinate and convertCoordinates methods to HMSMap, which converts WGS84 coordinates into GCJ02 coordinates.
  • Added the initialize method to HMSMap.
  • Added the setDarkEnabled and isDark methods to the HuaweiMap class. The methods are used to specify whether to enable the dark mode after the map is loaded.
  • Added the map type MAP_TYPE_TERRAIN (terrain map) to the HuaweiMap class.
    Supported Lite Mode for maps.
  • Added the setLogoPosition and setLogoPadding methods to the UiSettings class, which are used to adjust the position of the Petal Maps logo.
  • Added the Gravity constant for the Petal Maps logo.
  • Provided Petal Maps Studio, with which you can add, modify, delete, and release custom map styles. Once a map style is released, it will be applied to all apps that use it, without needing to update the apps.
  • Added the setStyleId and previewId methods to the HuaweiMap class. These methods are used to set a custom style for a map after the map is loaded.
  • Added the styleId and previewId methods to the HuaweiMapOptions class. These methods are used to set a custom style for a map before the map is loaded.

Modified Features

  • Deleted the capability of prompting users to install HMS Core (APK).
  • Updated the Petal Maps logo.
  • Optimized the copyright popup.
License (6.9.0)
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